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Dyfed Archaeological Trust is an independent organisation dedicated to the effective protection, investigation, recording and promotion of the historic environment.

Whilst retaining a strong regional commitment, we offer professional services over a wide area, both within Wales and beyond.

Dyfed Archaeological Trust is constituted as a Private Limited Company and as a Registered Charity, whose objectives are to enhance the education of the public in archaeology.

The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, which appoints a Management Committee. Trust membership is solely at the invitation of the Trustees, and provides a source of wide-ranging academic and professional expertise in archaeology and related areas.

We have a highly motivated professional workforce with a wide range of skills and experience. This is complemented by long established contacts and partnerships with external specialists and specialist organisations enabling us to offer extensive consultancy and implementation services.

Dyfed Archaeological Trust Heritage Management maintains the Historic Environment Record for southwest Wales. Currently over 75,000 sites of archaeological and historic interest, artefacts and archaeological investigations are recorded.

Visit Dyfed's main website at www.dyfedarchaeology.org.uk

Dyfed Archaeological Trust

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