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This section provides explanations of particular terms which will be found throughout the records of the Welsh Archaeological Trusts.

Time Periods

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Pleistocene: about 1.64 million to about 8,500BC

Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age): 220,000BC to 8,500BC

Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age): 8,500BC to 4,000BC

Neolithic (New Stone Age): 4,000BC to 2,200BC

Bronze Age: 2,200BC to 700BC

Iron Age: 700BC to AD43

Roman: AD43 to AD410

Early Medieval: AD410 to 1086

Medieval: AD1086 to 1536

Post-Medieval: AD1536 to 1899

Modern: AD1900 to the present

Site Types

The Historic Environment Records of Wales contains information on over 100,000 archaeological sites in Wales. Managing this information requires high standards of indexing and efficient methods of information retrieval.

Led by the Royal Commission and with the help of colleagues in the National Museum of Wales and Cadw the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts have been involved in the development of a thesaurus of Welsh monument types. This ensures that indexing terms are standardised across Wales. There are also plans for a Welsh-language version of the thesaurus.

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